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3 Stars Icon
Become the greatest mythological fighter in history by defeating all of the enemy in each of the glorious battles.
Age of War Icon
Age of War
Master your 15 defensive turret units from the onslaughts of enemy firepower.
Agnry Faic 2
Climb as far into the sky as you can by jumping on top of the other emoticons.
3 Stars Icon
Air Defense 3
One of the craziest ground to air battles you'll ever experienced filled with tons of ammo and wild explosions.
3 Stars Icon
Air Drop
You're rapidly falling towards the ground and it is your goal to collect all of the coins and avoiding hitting walls and spikes.
3 Stars Icon
Alkie Kong 2
It's Altrio's first day at the Brew-Co Brewery and he just can't seem to catch a break! Right when he thought he day couldn't get any worse Alkie Kong shows up and wrecks havoc! Use your brain to solve each of the puzzles and watch out for the boss fights.
Alphabet Hunter Icon3 Stars Icon
Alphabet Hunter
Click the letters of the alphabet in the correct order.
3 Stars Icon
Another Box of Hotcorn
Turn as many of the popcorn kernels into popcorn as you can before the allotted time runs out. Be careful not to get into any stick situations!
Apple Panic
Dodge all of the falling green apples for as long as you possible can without letting any of them hit you.
3 Stars Icon
As a hungry spider you must eat all of the tasty bugs in order to survive!
3 Stars Icon
Armada Tanks
You're on a mission to destroy all of the enemies while protecting your own headquarters.
Armored Legion Icon3 Stars Icon
Armored Legion
A free 3d browser based massively multiplayer (MMORPG) web game that is entirely free to play.
3 Stars Icon
Arned de Mano
Defeat as many of your opponents as you can by using power combos and executing special moves!
3 Stars Icon
Asteroids Revenge 3
Ever since the dawn of man, man has been looking to defend themselves from outside threats. As technology arose, humans began seeing asteroids as a threat and began destroying them. One day the asteroids woke up and saw the catastrophe the humans have caused and decided to fight back.
ATV Tag Race Icon3 Stars Icon
ATV Tag Race
Drive your ATV across 10 levels as you keep from tipping over. Take it easy, if you go fast lose.
Avoid getting smashed by the avalanche of falling blocks while trying to get maximum height by climbing them.
Balance Balls Icon3 Stars Icon
Balance Balls
Use the left and right arrow keys to keep the red ball on the platform, Its harder than you think.
Barbarian Icon3 Stars Icon
Drax, the evil sorceror has your princess Mariana and its up to you to rescue her otherwise he's going to use her to satiate his nefarious desires!
3 Stars Icon
Bart Simpson Skateboarding
Pick up your skateboard and head out to the part, be sure to stay away from your enemies.
Bartender Icon3 Stars Icon
As a bartender in a very busy bar you goal is simple. Try to get all of the ingredients for each drink right and serve the drink in a timely manner!
Base Jumping Icon3 Stars Icon
Base Jumping
Press the spacebar to jump. Press the spacebar again to deploy your parachute, but make sure not to be the last one to touch the ground.
Base Jumping 2 Icon3 Stars Icon
Base Jumping 2
Compete to become Base Jumping Champion. Defeat all eight opponents, the last man alive wins the competition.
3 Stars Icon
Battle Fish
Keep your fish safe out of harm's way as as far away as possible from the deadly spike fish.
Bee Boxing Icon3 Stars Icon
Bee Boxing
Aim at your opponent's hive and hold down the mouse button to launch an attack.
Bee Commando Icon3 Stars Icon
Bee Commando
Aim at your opponent's hive and hold down the mouse button to launch an attack.
Beetle Wars Icon3 Stars Icon
Beetle Wars
The other bugs are trying to take over you territory and now your left with no other choice than to fight! The more bugs you kill off the more money you will make that you can use to learn new skills.
Behind The Enemy Icon3 Stars Icon
Behind The Enemy
You've accidentally stumbled behind enemy lines where they are testing a new form of weaponry. Your objective is to avoid getting hit by any of the dropping bombs for as long as you can. Once you get hit by a bomb, you lose!
Ben 10 Power Splash Icon3 Stars Icon
Ben 10 Power Splash
Ben 10's girl has been kidnapped and he needs your help to get her back!
3 Stars Icon
Bio Ball
Place bombs in key locations so you can destroy all of the bouncing balls that would otherwise kill you.
3 Stars Icon
You've entered a highly intelligent machine and it is your goal to break down her defenses and shut her down.
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