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Adventure Al
Help Al get through some very difficult and puzzling situations in order for him to complete each level.
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Alaskan Adversary
Battle fellow enemy Alaskan Adversaries through some very tough land that is filled with ice and snow.
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In this action packed multi level game, you've to help A.L.I.A.S to battle his way through the army base and blast all the enemies and obstacles with his high fire rate gun.
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Alias 2
The story begins as A.L.I.A.S continues his rampage and makes his way through the mad defense system. Your mission is to take command of the biomechanical hero and destroy the evil machines for good.
Alien Carnage Icon3 Stars Icon
Alien Carnage
Move very quietly and use your stealthiness to sneak up on all of the aliens and eliminate them all!
Ancient Stuff Icon3 Stars Icon
Ancient Stuff
Use your arrow keys to move and the s-key to poke the heck out of the mummies. Also, throw items that you pick up along on your journy at the mummies.
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The evil Scribble King has kidnapped the notebook princess and it is up to you to rescue her!
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Aqua Slug
Protect your beach from those trouble maker kids who will try to stop you with their water balloons and squirt guns.
Sneak up on the enemy and dish out a flurry of shots with your deadly accurate bow and arrow.
Avenue of Death Icon3 Stars Icon
Avenue of Death
Work your way through five challenges in the Avenue of Death and collect all of the matching Mayan coins in order to make it to the final challenge. But, be careful and watch out for all of the traps that could sneak up on you and kill you!
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Batman Mystery
Catch up with the mysterious Batwoman, but to do so you must overpower the Penguin's gang.
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Beez Launch
Customize Your bee and head out to the pollen field where you can enjoy time with your friends
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Birdz Launch
Customize your bird, then go out into the free world and fly as far and as fast as you can to reach your friends.
Black Ops Icon3 Stars Icon
Black Ops
You are a black-ops special forces ninja operative that has been assigned by an unknown government to deal with North Korea's threat of further developing its controversial weapons of mass destruction program. Use stealth and guise to eliminate highly trained North Korean guards and complete key missions to destroy their nuclear capability.
Bouncy The Ball Icon3 Stars Icon
Bouncy The Ball
Carefully bounce your ball while picking up coins and other "safe" objects as you guide the ball throughout the tricky terrain.
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Boxhead 2
Your objective is to shoot and kill as many of the zombies as you can before they come after you and kill you.
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Break In 2
Break In is back with even more mind bending maze missions as you try to get passed the slew of cameras so you can successfully escape.
Breakout Icon3 Stars Icon
Escape jail by avoiding to be detected by any of the guards on your way out. Be careful, one wrong move can set off the motion detection cameras and sound an alert!
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Bug Bug in Sky Tower
You've crashed on an alien planet alongside your repair droid and before you can leave the planet you must recover all of the parts that broke off during the crash.
Bullet Bill 2 Icon3 Stars Icon
Bullet Bill 2
See how far you can navigate your bullet without running into any of the obstacles along the way.
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Candy Raver
In this adventure game collect candy along the way, but be careful and watch out for the deadly fans.
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Cannon Crotch
You're on a mission to destroy all of the evil Nazis by attacking them at their secret headquarters.
City Jumper Icon3 Stars Icon
City Jumper
Jump from building to building without falling off or running into any hazards along the way.
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Cloud Jumper
Jump from cloud to cloud collecting all of the coins without falling out of the sky!
Commissar Lite Icon3 Stars Icon
Commissar Lite
In this Metal Slug type of game your mission is to locate and return fire at the loads of enemies trying to kill you. Use your sneaky tactics to sneak up on the enemy and wipe them out for your best chance to advance to furthur levels.
Covert Operatives Icon3 Stars Icon
Covert Operatives
In this worms-like game you have to bomb away the other squad with your interracial group of kids.
Crazy Knight Icon3 Stars Icon
Crazy Knight
In this short but action packed game - play the crazy knight. Hes crazy because he's willing to take on sharp-toothed mutant creatures and the dreaded Grim Reaper himself... all for a little glory. The Spartans would have been proud of him! Use the LEFT & RIGHT ARROW keys to move. Press A key to attack. The Skey will give the knight special power but he's got to have enough energy to use it. X key shows you posessions. Pressing the Z key and any one direction will launch the knight in that direction.
Deep Lift 2 Icon3 Stars Icon
Deep Lift 2
You're on a epic treasure hunt through the dark depths of the ocean and it is your job to locate the treasure and finish the level alive.
3 Stars Icon
Dino Run
The world as you know it is ending, so try whatever you can to keep it alive by gathering eggs and eating other prehistoric animals.
Dive In Icon3 Stars Icon
Dive In
Dive in as a mermaid or a shark and talk with all your friends to enjoy a wonderful time.
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