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    Racing Games
    DragonBall Kart
    Similar to Super Mario Kart in the fact that you want to beat your fellow racers by employing the use of your weapons. ...
    Pencil Racer XL
    Pencil Racer is back with this sequel that features even cooler vehicles and tools that'll allow you to create even more mind blowing tracks ...
    Head To Head Racing
    Race your way around the track avoiding all rocks blocks and be sure to watch out for the police! ...
    Redneck Olympics
    Get in your redneck trucks and collect all of the stars while crushing and destorying any cars along the way. ...
    N20 Rush
    Become the next King of Speed by challenging and beating other racers in a one on one race. ...
    Air Balloon Rally
    Fly your air balloon around the world by forming as many long words as possible within the shortest amount of time. ...
    Fugitive Takedown
    Chase down all of the fugitive vehicles and put these criminals where they belong, in jail! ...
    FMX Team
    Use your team of 3 unique freestyle bikers to help you survive through 15 of the most difficult free style track you've ever raced on! ...
    Adrenaline Challenge
    Gain enough speed so that you have the proper amount of momentum it takes to collect all of the green tags. ...
    Quad Racer Xtreme
    Tilt and lean your quad four wheeler through 21 levels of obstacles to balance and overcome! ...
    Midnight Spin
    It's midnight and you're taking your normal stroll around town when all of a sudden you're challenged to a race. So, race around town and co ...
    Heli Racer
    Carefully race your helicopter through caves and taverns as you try to cross the finish line first! ...
    Mafia Driver
    Your goal is to successful infiltrate the mafia and get the information needed to prosecute them in a court of law. ...
    3d Motorbike
    Race your way throughout the world trying to finish each of the tracks within the fastest time possible. ...
    Need For Adventure
    The object of the game is to complete each of the levels within the fast time possible, but don't forget to pass each level you must collect ...
    Uphill Rush
    Choose the extreme sporting vehicle of your choice as you prepare to race of some of the most rugged racing tracks you've ever seen! ...
    Rush Race
    Your after the evil mad scientist, Doctor Villiante and you've been given a top-secret car that you'll use to destroy as many of the enemy u ...
    Micro Racers 2
    Push your driving skills to the limit as you race three other championship drivers through world class tracks. ...
    Deadly Race
    Race your way throughout city streets collecting as much money icons as you can but, be careful to watch out for any lingering police cars ...
    Craze Truck
    Race your truck over the ramp at top speeds as you try to clear certain objects but stopping before you hit the boxes. ...
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