Online Roulette

Many online casino gamers dream of the glamour and buzz of hitting Las Vegas and enjoying the delights of the famous ‘Sin City’. However, for most of the year we have to be content with the ample rewards of online casino games. The good news is that the latest casinos deliver an experience that goes some way to quenching our thirst for Vegas – most notably online roulette.

Play the Devil’s Game

The sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel are equal to 666 – so it’s the perfect game if you’re looking for the thrills of Sin City! In reality, online roulette is a warm, welcoming game that can be instantly enjoyed by any level of gamer.

To get gaming, you simply select a wager level and choose from a range of single reel numbers, blocks or table sections. Once you’ve clicked the spin button, the round begins and you’ll be thrilled by the look and sounds of the sophisticated, 3D roulette interfaces. Novice gamers can rest assured that according to statistics, it doesn’t really matter which number or block you bet on – you still have the same long-term chance of success (and the casino always has a small edge!).

However, roulette does deliver a huge range of potential payouts, with progressively bigger odds depending on the probability of the wager.

Straight-up bet (single selection) 35:1
Split bet (2 selections) 17:1.
Street bet (3 selections) 11:1
Corner bet (4 selections) 8:1
6-number bet 5:1
Dozen or column 2:1
Even money bet (such as Red/Black 1:1.

While it’s very tempting to select even money wagers such as Red or Black, which have close to a 50% strike rate, remember that the payouts reflect this, and don’t offer great reward. In contrast, the bigger odds selections won’t deliver frequent wins, but when they do…’ll land a nice win. The key is find you own methods of wagering – whether that’s random lucky guesses or mathematical strategic moves……

Roulette gaming strategies

Roulette is classified as a game of chance. However, if you’d paid attention at school, you’d know that theories can be applied to probability to make predictions!

The Martingale System is a legendary loss recovery system widely used by roulette gamers. Essentially, you simply double your (even money) wagers until you get lucky. Because there is only 0.0025% probability of 8 losing bets, you theoretically have a very high chance of success. Of course, just like your old math’s home work – things can go wrong and blow your bank, so it can be risky.

Hot on the heels of the Martingale System is the Andrucci roulette system, based on the concept of ‘chaos has order’! Simply put, during a roulette cycle, there will be hot numbers and cold numbers. To apply the strategy, just locate the hot numbers (look at the live-stat screen) and bet on the numbers with the highest strike rate (that’s right - forget the one’s that haven’t won!).

If you want to play with a ‘safe’ strategy, the D’Alembert Roulette System could be the one for you. Rather than going for broke after an even money win, you’re encouraged to reduce your stakes. Essentially, double-up after a losing bet and cut your liability by 50% after a winning bet.

Find the best and most enjoyable roulette strategies by downloading free-play and bonus offer casinos before you risk your own cash. 

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